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2018 President's Message

Dear Members,

My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to those new and returning members for making this year's conference and membership meeting a success.  Special thanks goes out to Ed Fox for his efforts in recruiting membership from the State of New Mexico agencies.  

We have a new board!! 

  • President Elect - Bart Faris - City of Albuquerque
  • Treasurer - Travis Bowser - Indian Health Services
  • Secretary - Samuel Frank - Indian Health Services
  • Board Members
Ed Fox - New Mexico Environment Department
Kaitlin Greenberg - City of Albuquerque and
Kellison "Kell" Platero - Bernalillo County 

We also presented awards to the following members as follows:

  • Environmentalist of the Year: This award is given to a NMEHA member who is employed full-time in Environmental Health and has provided a variety of much needed support to the communities that they serve as well as collaboration with other jurisdictions and community services. 

Congratulations to Antoinette Toya: Indian Health Services

Environmentalist of the Year

  • Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Health: This award is given to an individual or entity that provides their communities with support, service and expertise. The award is not limited to NMEHA membership, but supports anyone or organization that exemplifies the desire to provide cohesiveness to New Mexico and its citizens.

Congratulations to Shannon LaBeau-BlueEyes: City of Albuquerque

Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Health

  • Anita Roy Award of Excellence: This award is given to an individual whose lifelong pursuit has been to provided support, knowledge and collaboration across the board and whose dedication to their profession is exemplified through their works by promoting the mentality that "We are all on the same page and collaboration is key to our success".   

Congratulations to Belinda Lucero: Bernalillo Count

Anita Award of Excellence

  • President's Award: This award is given by the president as he/she sees fit, to the individual who has provided the support, expertise and commitment to the organization as a whole. 

Congratulation to Shannon LaBeau-BlueEyes: City of Albuquerque

President's Award

As I leave the office of President, I would like to thank all the board members for their support throughout my presidency and the hard work they have all given to the organization.  Farewell and thank you Fernando Salcido (outgoing board member) for your help in schlepping boxes and supplies as well as always asking if there was anything that needed doing and stepping up to the plate.   

I encourage all members to support the organization and provide feedback to the president or board members on issues, suggestions or questions you may have. Please volunteer to help out in any way you can regardless of it being short or long term.  

Finally I have posted the various presentations in a Dropbox* for members to view and provided contact information should you choose to network further with these individuals. I will send out an email to all the membership with the invite to the Dropbox. 

*Two of the presenters - Guillermo Orquiz from USDA and Elizabeth VinHatton are not permitted to share their presentations due to proprietary issues within their departments.  However, I have posted several forms that Mr. Orquiz discussed in his presentation for you to view.  Also, Justin Balls presentation from Google was not downloadable to the Dropbox.

Sincere thanks,

Cecelia M. Garcia  - Past President

P.O. Box 27176 Albuquerque, NM 87125-7176

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