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Business Plan

New Mexico Environmental Health Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization


Support members in improving environmental health (EH) in New Mexico by promoting their expertise, professionalism,  advancement and recognition.


· Provide training opportunities to maintain credentials

· Gain and maintain knowledge for certifications

· Market field of EH to New Mexico partners

· Set professional standards (code of ethics)

· Provide networking opportunities locally and globally

· Advocate for public health and EH policies

· Recognize EH contributions of members


· Recognize members for professional image with awards, in newsletters, and on the website.

· Further EH through offering scholarships and grants, obtaining funding, giving science fair awards, providing position papers on environmental health topics.

· Marketing EH to new recruits, funding sources, partners, decision makers, and the media.

· Providing educational opportunities via monthly guest speakers, a regular newsletter, website, annual conference (credential exams), collaborative trainings, vector control course, FDA, scholarships for members, training materials.

· Increase funding through member dues, corporate sponsorship, grants and other means in order to fund association activities.




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