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New Mexico Environmental Health Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

2013 NMEHA Symposium Highlights


Esme Donato & Lucas Tafoya

The 2013 Presidents Award recipients!


Theresa Alling-Outstanding Contributions in Environmental Health

Michael Pittman- 2013 Environmentalist of The Year


President’s Award: For encouraging and supporting Jeff Dickson, 2013 President, throughout the year in a way that was priority-driven, focused, and designed to help me stay on track and accomplish our combined objectives, it is my privilege to award Esme Donato, BERNCO and Lucas Tafoya, BERNCO the 2013 NMEHA President’s Award!


Outstanding Contributions In Environmental Health: Making a difference is something we all do on a daily basis via our regular work activities. Some individuals go above and beyond when a need is identified, to implement projects or interventions and truly make a difference on a greater scale. The 2013 NMEHA Outstanding Contributions in Environmental Health award goes to Theresa Alling, City of Albuquerque! Theresa’s efforts to provide food to individuals who may be struggling is an excellent example of pairing our environmental health skills with a local ongoing need. Many vendors discard pounds and pounds of completely safe food at special events, but Theresa has implemented a plan to utilize food which would normally be discarded. It is reported her efforts will increase the amount of food donated next year as well!


Environmentalist of the Year: For work accomplishments above and beyond normal duties such as extra efforts regarding pool trainings, food trainings, Spanish translation, after-hour assignments, assisting environmental health reviewers with permit plan review, creating and providing presentations on ServSafe to co-workers to assist in the success of certification requirements, it is my pleasure to announce Michael Pittman, City of Albuquerque has been awarded the 2013 NMEHA Environmentalist of the Year!















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