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New Mexico Environmental Health Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

We all value NMEHA for a variety of reasons and to varying degrees.  If we all contribute to some small degree, there can be big accomplishments.  How can you help?  Review the list below, email Cecelia your ideas, and let's collectively develop strategies to support environmental health professionals in New Mexico!

  • Serve on the NMEHA Board (Board Duties-Click here)
    • President-Elect
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Board Member (3 positions)
  • Serve on a Sub-Committee
    • Auditing
    • Educational
    • Nominating
    • Membership & Public Relations
    • Professional Advancement
    • Awards & Scholarships
      • Sub-Committee participation does not have to be in person
  • Attend Board meetings

    • Learn how the board functions

    • Hear the issues discussed

    • Determine if a Board role is right for you

  • Organize trainings / conferences

    • Recruit speakers
    • Recognize everyone's contribution
    • Buy door prizes
    • Negotiate contracts with meeting venues
  • Conduct presentations at trainings / conferences

    • You do the work, tell people about it

  • Author articles for a quarterly newsletter

    • Innovations are ongoing, share them

  • Author material for the environmental health toolbox- Click here

    • We are the experts, let's support each other

  • Email and tell her your idea!


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