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Spring 2018 RVP Report for Region V

Tom Vyles,  NEHA Region 5 RVP

Environmental Health Workforce Act:

The Federal Environmental Health Workforce act is sitting in committee right now. This is something that has the potential to have a strong positive impact on us as Environmental Health professionals. It is time to reach out to your legislators and express your support on this important piece of legislation.

Private water wells:

Do you work with private water wells in your jurisdiction? What do regulators need to know about them? What do homeowners need to know?  NEHA has teamed up with to bring FREE private water well training courses to its membership. These web based courses explain what homeowners need to know about their private water well, how regulators can help homeowners, and some of what we can do to protect our groundwater supplies from contamination.

Vector Control:

NEHA has also teamed up with Tulane University to develop FREE vector control courses. There is a series of 11 web based courses ranging from ticks and bed bugs to IPM and mosquitos, rodents and toxicology. Check out these courses on the NEHA website. These courses are only available to NEHA members.

Uncover EH:

I sincerely hope, if you received the Uncover EH survey, you took the time to complete it. This is another important study set to determine who we are and what we do. NEHA is continuing to make efforts to bring our profession out of the shadows and show the valuable work we do on a daily basis. We are a key part of public safety.


As cannabis (marijuana) edibles become more common there is recognition that standards need to be created. There are many questions that need to be answered for these products to be safe. We have standards for agricultural products, and we need similar standards for cannabis. NEHA is working with a variety of organizations to help develop these standards.


The time for the AEC is rapidly approaching. The early bird deadline for registration was extended into April, so you can still register at the cheaper rate. There is an Affiliate Leadership Workshop on Sunday starting at 1pm. This is an excellent workshop to gain knowledge on how to improve your organization. The focus this year is how to plan a conference and how to attract exhibitors and speakers. The workshop is free, but pre-registration is required. The 2019 conference will be in Nashville, TE. 

For further information, please contact: 

Tom Vyles, , 972.874.6332

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